Brain Child

Blogging Baby brought the magazine Brainchild to my attention, and none to soon. I thought I would keel if I had to read another passive aggressive parenting magazine article. "Are you feeding your kids enough vegetables?" No. I'm a bad mommy, now give me a good Benedryl cocktail recipe. Ok, I exaggerate - but we mommies have enough homebrewed guilt thank you.

Brain Child also assumes we mommas read more than just the back of the Similac mix (or at least we did at one time). In Backtalk they ask readers to contribute to this question,
"In the novel 1984, a noise goes off at regular intervals to spoil any chance of forming a coherent thought. Sound familiar? What major work of literature or film best describes your parenting life?" Discuss.
I would think of a stunningly witty answer but I have to go refill a sippy cup, so I'm just going to say, "hear, hear" to the 1984 analogy.

Be sure to check out these funny "oh shit" parenting blurbs.


jen said...

I personally liked the Kitty Pflag one! CUTE! I will have to think about the major film/lit one...and get back to you. Hmmmm...something to ponder today! Me likey...

Karina said...

Just found your site - and have been laughing out loud reading your posts. Thanks for visiting fototiller and I will defintely add you to my links list!!

Lotta said...

Aww shucks. (scuffing dirt)

Oblivious Maven said...

Movie: The Fabulous Baker Brothers
The Line: "You hit me!!!!!!"
Followed by the Line: "I told you I was going to hit you."

Here at Home, it's something like this:
The Line: "You took my Superman costume!!!!!!
Followed by the Line: "I told you I was going to take your Superman costume."

Lotta said...

Excellent Oblivious.

I'm going with Groundhog Day for the movie. Wake up, clean up, wake up clean up. Repeat.

Veronica said...

The Kitty Pflag story was wonderful. Thanks for pointing those out.

I don't have kids... but I sometimes feel like I am dealing with these same ridiculous issues at my university (ie. "I'm going to count to three and you don't get me my transcripts right now...")

Lotta said...

Glad your stopping by we'll set up you up right so by the time you are ready to have a baby you won't want to!

Sounds like you are dealing with insanity over in India! I hope things are moving along for you.

Anonymous said...

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