Come again?

Son: (General ruckus) Gracie's Up! Gracie's Up! (Baby crying in distance)

Me: Yes, I know she is crying sweetheart but mommy just put her down for the night. We need to let her cry.

Son: (Sound of him opening Gracie's bedroom door) Hi Gracie! Your Up!

Son: Mommy Gracie's up!

Me: No shit.

Did I actually say that outloud? Usually the "No shit" comments only come alive in my head. They never actually make it out into the real world of parenting.

I have to go wash my mouth out with soap.


jmnlman said...

so much for that whole parents aren't human thing.

Lotta said...

Don't get me wrong we play a lot of fun games like, "Mommy sits on the couch while you clean up the dirty dishes in the living room for a cookie".

So human? Right over here.

I just know he's gonna repeat that to Grandma when she asks if he had a good time at the park. "No shit Grandma".

Veronica said...

Meh. Would you rather they learn at home or out on the streets?

This attitude is probably the first indication that I'm not cut out for parenting.

jen said...

Little Pea now says "frickin" and uses it in the right way...HAVE NO CLUE where she frickin got that habit...but she better frickin stop soon or there will be frickin hell to pay! ;)

Lotta said...

Little motherfricker.

Domestic Chicky said...

After I've sent Connor to his room for whatever, I can hear him banging on his pillow, or picking up his toys and going, "dammit, dammit, dammit"...LOL

Lotta said...

LOL. Love it. When a car cuts me off I usually yell dammit or sonofabitch. I've been trying to curtail but, well you know.

So last time I yelled out "Dammit!" at a car my son follows up with a "Sonofabitch!" right after me. Ha!