Demon shoes

Update: The Garbage Picker has struck again

I washed a pair of light-up sneakers my son had trashed. It was a crap shoot with the light-up mechanism but I figured, what the hell. I roll like that.

Sure enough they came out of the washing machine with one of the lights stuck on. A bright, glowing red. The demon shoe. Chuck.

2 days later son comes bounding out the door with, yup, the demon shoe!!!

Me: Um, why did you take that out of the garbage?
Him: It's fine, the light only stays on when it gets a little wet. Or when he wears it for awhile, but when he sits down it seems to refresh.


motherhooduncensored said...

I think our husbands are related. He just picks our trash though. Like he's going to wear the t-shirt with 14 holes and a huge "unidentified" stain...


Lotta said...

Straight up sister.