Hazmat Kids Wear

Has it really come to this? Do our kids need to wear Hazmat Suits
just to go and play on the beach.

What happened to sunscreen. To going in the shade? Sigh.

From One Step Ahead


Jenny said...

But where are their gas masks to protect them from the smog? I'm calling CPS.

How did I miss this blog before?

Very nice.

Lotta said...

Jenny. You get up too early!

The gas masks are an additional $9.99.


jen said...

Are you f-in kidding me? This is insane!!! Umm...gee...do ya think the marketing world plays on fear?
I remember that magazine having a "pacifier cleaner"...I just about fell off my chair laughing. My pacifier cleaner was my mouth...

Lotta said...

Yes I'm kidding about the gas masks, but they can't be far behind.

High fiving you on the pacifier cleaner. Husband boils the hella outta them every month. Personally, I buy new ones and chuck any pacifier that starts to look a little murky.