As a woman. As a mom. I should not like this book. In fact I should start prepping my 1 year old daughter now to avoid Tucker Max at all costs.

But I can't help myself. The man is a genius at getting himself into slapstick skank situations.

Don't get me wrong the man's an a-hole. But he realizes it, embraces it and lives it to the fullest.

For a preview check out some of his stories.

Don't click if you are easily offended
Seriously, you've been warned.

On the opposite end of the bar is Chelsea Handler, My Horizontal Life. This book is a snort and a laugh. Not quite as raw as Tucker Max and Chelsea is a writer, not just a storyteller.

You can't help but be drawn in with the first chapter, "I was seven years old when my sister told me she'd give me five dollars to run upstairs into my parents' room while they were having sex and take a picture." (Shudder).


jen said...

OMG!!! I laughed my ass off at Tucker that wrong? Am I depraved? Should I be known as a mom? But! I will go out and purchase the will not be at Powell's...but one cannot have it all! ;)
Glad you were cured of your Sweet Vally High days! ;)

Lotta said...

It's so damn wrong. But so damn good.

Let me know what you think of Horizontal Life - it takes a little longer to warm up to but once you are midway you will be snorting your diet rasberries and cream dr. pepper out of your nose.

mommiebear2 said...

Okay I have to tell you, I went back and am going through your old blogs having just started reading you today and am totally falling in love. Just so you know, I have now purchased via Amazon Valley of the Dolls and I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell books!! You rock!!

Lotta said...

Wow you really dug back in time to find this article. Thanks for the nice comments. They do make my day/week/life!