Two confessions.

One, I read the For Better or For Worse comic strip online every day. There I said it, I own it. Two, I drank way too much red wine last night.

So someone please tell me if I'm experiencing some crazy trip from the red wine and the post partum prozac I'm still taking or if the characters in the strip are actually freaking winking at me.

Click here to ease my mind.


jen said...

The dude blinked! Of course...I also imbibed too much red wine last night...sooooo...I don't know if I am a help or not!

Lotta said...

Jen, you need to come to Chicago.

Nancy said...

I guess i haven't had enough wine this week. I didn't notice it myself.

But I read FBoFW every day, too. Do you think Elizabeth's going to end up with Mr. Wright??

Lotta said...

If you stare at it longe enough they do blink!

I don't - I think he's gonna end up with the new teacher and Elizabeth's ending up with Anthony. That way they can do some strips about a blended family.

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