Working girls have babies too

Check out this new book by my good friend and former Chicago dot com co-conspirator Paige Hobey.

Paige and I worked together at, a now defunct internet startup company. The owner’s motto was "Get Shit Done". I kid you not. It was written everywhere.

Frankly, that's what I miss about that era. Listening to an office drone go on and on about "action meetings", and "touching base" and being able to say, "Just get the shit done".

During the interview for Lifeserv, the CEO kept posing these inane riddles. "If two riders have a horse, and one doesn't have two legs. How did the two legged horse win the race?” I just laughed throughout the entire interview and kept throwing out equally inane answers. "Because the bookie fixed the race?"

Your first assignment upon starting at the company was to assemble your own Ikea desk. I set mine up right next to Paige. I loved her from the start. Anyone with a dry or odd sense of humor amuses me to no end. Paige didn't mind when I called her Grandma Hobey for weeks after she announced that a "cup of coffee would sure be a treat right now" with not a drop of sarcasm, during a staff meeting.

Paige confided to me that she was afraid she would have a "spazzy boy" when the ultrasound told her that she was carrying a dude in her belly. Of course, her son is a big eyed, mellow man with soft curls just like Paige. While my little guy has a shock of hair that will not lie flat, rocks out with his electric toy guitar and is in short, a wonderful amazing little spaz.