Bad Pool Day

I was changing my son into his swimsuit in the family locker room. The individual family stalls were closed so I stood him up on a wide bench and helped him into his suit.

Another mom of a younger boy did the same right next to us. The following conversation happened while boys were naked..

Son: You have a little penis! (Pointing at other boy's penis)

Mom of boy: (shocked gasp)

Me: Dude! You have a little penis too, you guys are just little boys. (nervous laugh)

Son: No his is really little, look. (Points at boy's penis).

M of boy: How old is your son?

Me: He's 3 but he's huge, he's really big for his age. He wears a 5T. (Babbling and realizing at the same time this looks like I'm bragging about my son since mom's of boys take pride in their 'big guys'"

M of boy: (Huffs and walks away)

Later at the pool....

Son is now playing with his cousins and adult Aunt in the pool. Daughter is napping in her stroller and I was sitting on a chair and started to read a magazine. High winds blow. I look up and see daughter's stroller is trucking towards the deep end of the pool.

I made some sort of animal noise that signified alarm and heart stopping panic as I lept up and ran for the stroller. Another older woman got there first and grabbed the stroller right before it hit the water. I was a second behind her. I cried, "Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh thank you so much. Thank you!". She looks at me and SCREAMS "Don't you watch your baby while you read! Watch your baby!"

I stared at her open mouthed, looked around and noticed some jerk smirking and happy that the older woman chewed me out. And slunk back to my chair. Daughter slept through all of this. I then hooked the wheel of her stroller (yes the brakes were on the whole time) around my chair so it couldn't move.
Felt like the worst mom in the world. No doubt I've got a rep at this pool now. Ugh.


Tuna Girl said...

Awww. I've been there. Like they never had bad things happen. Sheesh.

Lotta said...

Thanks Tuna.

Nancy said...

That sucks. You showed major restraint by not smacking anyone. ;-)

Betsy Wasser said...

Now that I am a mom, I will never, ever judge other moms*. We're all doing the best we can, and I know darned well that could just as easily have been me.

*exception: Britney Spears

hillary said...

I know the wind you're talking about. that came out of nowhere! it caught oscar's sandbox umbrella and would have been 2 blocks away if I hadn't caught it.

sorry about getting yelled at. that sucks. we've all been there. just think, when your kids are all grown and gone it'll be your turn to the pool and holler at young moms and see if you can make them cry.

jen said...

I have been there...and really felt like crap and then 5 minutes later wanted to go tell off the people that made me feel like crap. I mean how dare they really...except much like Betsy...Britney needs to be reeled in and smacked around a few times so she can wake the f--k up!

Lotta said...

You all make me feel so much better. Jen, thanks man! Though I must say I did feel very Brittany at the moment.

Stephanie said...

Man, you must have had a heart attack! Thank godness all turned out ok.

Lotta said...

I still break out in hives when I replay it!

chicaloungin said...

I can just see Mom of Little Penis going home and telling Dad of Little Penis and Dad pulling his own waistband out and taking inventory... it starts so young.

As to the wind and the brake failure and the edge... it DOES take a village and those snotty judgers should remember that when their asses have to, inevitably, be covered!

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