Big trouble

It went down like this.

Got a new cookie trimmer today. Brand new, never been used and it has adjustable lengths (1, 2, 3, 4, etc.) just like in the hair salon.

Looked at son. Hair looked really long. He's taking a group picture at the last day of bible camp tommorow.

Daughter's sleeping. Dad's working late. No way to go out and get a hair cut in time.


Shit. Gotta even it out.


More evening. Maybe if I use the scissors to get those little hairs. Nope, not working.

Bzzzz. Damn it, stop moving.

Bzzzzz. Mmmm.

Let's wash it and see what it looks like then.


Oh, noooo I meant. Wow. You look just like an army guy. A super duper space ranger cool muscle army guy. Yup really!

Shit. I'm not sure what's worse. That he's a cue-ball or that I used a bikini trimmer to do it.


Tuna Girl said...

Been there!

At least I didn't use a cookie-cleaner-upper though. :lol:

Lotta said...

Wow. I love that look Tuna Girl.

"Umm can I have a little of the top?"

"Sure" Zip. All gone.

I can imagine you standing there open mouthed and mentally subtracting the tip from the bill.

Yea..the cookie cleaner upper incident will be fodder for the therapist I'm sure.

Tuna Girl said...

That's what I get for getting him a six dollar hair cut. ;-)

Dina said...

LOL!! I almost wet myself reading that. And sadly, I can relate since I have a history of giving my children embarrassing haircuts. (I have 3 boys. Need I say more?) My haircut disasters started when I was 6 and decided to just "trim" my Barbie's hair. Well, about 2 inches of synthetic hair later (and some very dull kitchen scissors), Barbie became a dude and started cross-dressing. Sigh.

chicaloungin said...

He seems happy with it.

Just wait till he reads back one day on your blog archives though!

hee hee cute as can be!!

Mama C-ta said...

LOL, it's not bad you used a cookie trimmer...not yet anyway. It'll be bad when he's 13 and reads this :)

Leah said...

He's so darn cute, cookie trimmed or not!

Anonymous said...

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Joker The Lurcher said...

i started reading this post thinking a cookie trimmer was for biscuits but luckily i followed the link to the cookie trimmer post - the joys of transatlantic vocabulary! i used to cut my son's hair in a spiral fashion so if he ran off half way through he would still have a fairly even haircut...