Happy 4th!

Tonight my husband, son and I went outside to light up. Some sparklers. I guess my son had never seen sparklers in action because when husband tried to hand him a lit one he hit the deck. The little man flew about a foot and threw himself facedown on the grass.

Me: Dude, whatcha doing?
Son: Mommy look out its going to explode!

Guess he thought they were firecrackers. I was most impressed with his instinct to stop and drop. Next year I think he'll be ready for bottle rockets in the alley.


Lisa Goldstein/Kelly Kelly said...

I like a dude who is cautious. All your fire/explosives safety talks must have really sunk in.

As a kid, I remember holding those sparklers as far away from myself as possible and yet still feeling the litte sparks hit my hand. I once threw it down on the very dry grass in our backyard and caused a mini fire. Definitely hit the deck time.


Lotta said...

He def. gets it from my side of the family. I learned tonight that my husband and his brother used to cut the long stick off of bottle rockets. This way instead of launching UP into the air it would launch randomly across the lawn. They would wait poised and ready to run away from the randomly shooting rocket coming at them.

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