Need some bread?

Someone buy this mom a margarita - she earned it!

Click for the full Flickr set.

Maybe she could take this mom with her?

Links via Boing Boing and Neatorama.


jen said...

The first one just about made me vomit. Looks NASTY!!!! Cannot even imagine the clean up....DAYUM!

Lotta said...

Ok, I didn't even think of it has hurl-worthy. I was more focused on how she was going to get the oilyness off the kids. I think I would bring them outside and try to wash them in the baby pool with Dawn. The worst part would be that the kids would be fighting you and slippery at the same time. Ooooooh, man!

chicaloungin said...

WAHHH. I want to do this instead of trying to write a novel!!!!

Anonymous said...

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