Pirates, Bibs and Rug Burn

Here's big brother feeling inspired to get into his pirate gear after going to McDonald's for lunch. I like to fill 'em up with trans fat - makes them sleepy.

We actually went to get a pirate happy meal toy. He's just too wee for Pirates of the Caribbean so this was the compromise.

I thought the toy he got was pretty darn cute. But I am a sucker for the big eyes/big head look.

And sweet, cute, dirty daughter.
She's not fond of bibs. And by not fond I mean, she rips them off with a high pitched shriek. And by rips them off, I mean I don't even bother anymore.

Her forehead has a little rug burn from big brother "helping" her to walk.
Doesn't her smile just light you up?


Jenny said...

Oh that smile...it melts my cold pirate heart.

Lotta said...

I know! They both turn me to mush. Big brother is so protective of her. He will cry when he sees videos of her as a baby and demand that he holds and hugs her afterwards.

Oh, The Joys said...

Baby girl, rug burned face, food on shirt... I am living the same life.

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