Baby Mouth Bling

Son is getting some serious mouth bling in a couple of weeks.

Son had his first dentists apointment today and we learned that he has two serious cavities in his back molars that are hitting the nerves. After a lengthy description of how they would remove the cavity (that had me squirming in my seat) they explained that they are going to put silver caps over both his back teeth! Bright, shiny, silver caps that cover his entire tooth on both sides. "Um so do you not want to waste the tooth colored caps on baby teeth?" I asked. The dentist explained that kids grind their teeth and any other type of crown would likely split. So son gets to look like he's sporting a back of the mouth grill at age 3.

Lord, I knew this would be an expensive visit when I saw the big saltwater aquarium and built in video game screens in the waiting room. But I insisted on a children's dentist. Poor son has been poked and prodded with stitches and febrile seizure tests for most of his second year of life. I wanted to make sure that this experience would be as soothing and considerate as possible for him. Little did I know that they should be installing some gas masks at the receptionist desk that parents can take hits off of as they look at the "future dental plan" or as I call it the "how much this shit is going to cost you on your next visit plan". And it's going to cost a lot.

So I look back and think would I have taken away his bottles at night? I should have, but this little dude used to have to be rocked like a paint mixer in order to fall back asleep and he woke up many times in the night. I think we might have given him gin if we had thought of it at the time. But now we are paying for those extra 20 minutes of sleep we got while he sucked a milk bottle to sleep at 3am in his crib. But mostly poor little punk'n will be paying with some time in the chair next visit. I'll have to convince him that the silver caps will make him look like a scurvy pirate. Arrrrgh.


hillary said...

ha! that's our dentist too and I thought the exact same thing. saw the flat screen tv and the huge aquarium and realized we were in for it.

sorry your little guy has to have fillings. all sorts of things babies like seem to be taboo at the dentists office. they made us give up the bink. oscar was not pleased.

Lotta said...

I saw the dentist giving the evil eye to baby girl's sippy cup. She hugged it a little tighter.

Well at least some day I can tell my son that I'll "bust a cap" if he doesn't listen.

Jo said...

We just finished spending $300 AFTER dental insurance to fill SIX fillings in my almost 4 year olds mouth. When I found the cavities I seriously cried because I had been so adament about sugar, brushing, and everything else. It was heartbreaking to know that despite my best efforts he still ended up with cavities when the two oldest didn't see a dentist for four years (too broke back then) and neither one ever had a cavity. Go figure!

Hey, I hear some toddler chics think a grill on a guy is pretty fly. LOL. Okay not really but I bet if they could talk about their feelings better they would! ;)