Big Girl Walking!

Ok, so she has actually been walking for 2 weeks now but this is our first video (shhhhh) that we shot while on vacation. She practiced her balance forever and when she actually walked she took off like a shot. My son walked before balance took hold so he would just pitch his head forward and his feet would try to follow and keep up. So different, both so awesome!


chicaloungin said...

hee hee hee!

hey, it looks warm where you are! today in Portland, chilllllly willy and rain.

Lotta said...

I love a rainy night. It's such a beautiful sight.

Samantha said...

I'll never forget when Brat1 and Brat2 (my twin daughters) started walking. It's been downhill ever since! LOL just kidding! Now that they are the ripe ole' age of 3 1/2, they think they are invincible!