Esthetic Ass Packs

Ok, those little stickers would so not hold up my junk.

I can't resist a funny Japanese invention or good Engrish product. Check out these courtesy of 3Yen.

The first picture in this flickr set made me snort out my sleepytime tea (ok it's really just decaf diet dr. pepper) but still.


Anonymous said...

Believe or not, almost all Japanese women fret about their butt being too small. That's never a problem in Chicagoland, even for guys like me, ha, ha.

Taro in Tokyo at
(RBHS class of 1970)

Anonymous said...

PS: You mistakenly "hotlinked" directly to the Butt Lifter photo on my website. Sorry but that won't work because all your readers will see on your blog is my logo "BE HAPPY, blah, blah". You'll have to copy the photo and host it on your own site for it to be visible to the public.

Again, sorry for the inconvenience.

Taro, in Tokyo

Lotta said...

Thanks! Didn't mean to be a picture thief, it's changed.

Chicago is the land of dairy, sausage and big bootys. The ones on display at Taste of Chicago put mine to shame.

Pamplemousse's Mom said...

I don't believe they'd hold up my junk, either. But it sure is funny to think about.

jen said...

Can it remove cellulite and make my legs look like a 16 year old again? Cuz that would ROCK!!!!

Anonymous said...

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Domestic Chicky said...

Hehehe...butt tape!

Lisa Goldstein/Kelly Kelly said...

I want that product.