Gross Candy and Meat

In keeping with the junk food theme of the day I give you gross candy. (Thank you UniqueDaily)

Or "What I will be buying my nephew for Christmas".

I have also vowed to start Atkins tommorow. Do you think this gummy steak would count?

I put on my crop top and headed to the 7-11 to buy some pork rinds in preparation. I'm not shitting you. Well, ok I wasn't wearing a crop top. After about two days of eating meat, eggs
and veggies you just want to freaking crunch something with your teeth. Though I'm not as hardcore as some of the Atkins devotees about my rinds.

Yup - I get my blood drawn often to check for cholesterol. Yup - It is disgusting after awhile, but you really do eat lots of veggies if you do it right. Yup - I'm still doing it cause I lost 25 pounds in the month of May and it hasn't gone back on. Besides, when I was running today my ass actually descended about two beats after the rest of me did. Kabommfp. Had me running straight for the turkey dogs my friends.

Maybe when I've dropped a few I'll post some before and after shots if anyone's curious.

But till then I'll let you use your imagination.


chicaloungin said...

Cracking up on your recent posts... the breakfast of C-hampions and the need for crunchies. Love this artwork as well. You always give us food for thought & great visuals.

And congratulations on the 25 lbs. and running. Running can be a bitch but it's also a great time to free yo' mind.

Rock on but do not skip the cookies.

Jenny said...

I love it. And the Insect N Side candy? I'd totally buy that.

Congrats on the weight loss! I'm failing miserably on my diet right now. Sigh...

Lotta said...

It always makes me happy when I make people laugh - thanks Chica!

Ok I want to bask in your compliments. But "running" meant me running behind my 3 year old on a bike, on our way to the park yelling "Stop at the alley SWEETIE!!!!" and pulling daughter in a red wagon loaded with diet rite from the store.

But I'm pretty sure I still got some endorphins going.

deb said...

dude. that candy is the best thing I've seen in years.

and I totally clean the floor the same way.

Lotta said...

Isn't it the best! I'm seriously buying that for any boy I know on his next birthday or Christmas.