I felt your cozy

Driving in the minivan to the dollar store so son is in a glowy happy state of mind.

Son: Mommy, you are so cozy.

Me: Awwww, thank you that is so nice.

Son: Our whole family is cozy.

Me: Yea, isn't it cozy to be together.

Son: When you held me today I felt your cozy.

Me: Totally melting into the drivers seat and checking to see if I have extra dollars for the store.


min said...

That is so cute. It makes me all melty.

chicaloungin said...


I don't EVEN have to tell you how that makes me feel!!

Can I send your son a dollar for the store next time!?

I like the b & w shot, by the way.

Tuna Girl said...


Lotta said...

Chica - thanks! It was a color shot and I converted it. Made it kinda grainy but I liked it. That's my son when he was a wee one. I need a shot with me and both of the chitlins.

Tuna & Min - I know!

Betsy Wasser said...

Awww! That is so sweet. I'm melting, too.

Anonymous said...

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