Passive Aggresive Breakfast

I had a vivid dream last night that I was back at a Weight Watchers meeting. The message resonated clear as bell, "Yes, yes I could do this I just need the support. I could even do Atkins and go to the meetings for the rah-rah and silver stickers."

Then I woke up and ate three C's for breakfast.

Cocoa Puffs - Bought these as a dry "treat" to put in our diaper bag and eat after a wholesome lunch.

Cotton Candy - Leftover from our visit to Kiddieland yesterday.

Cookies - Homemade chocolate chip cookies that I ate three of.

The worst part is that I actually let the kids eat this for breakfast too! (Well ok, I hogged the cotton candy). Not too big of a deal since they eat a healthy fiberfull breakfast every usual day. And I made a big deal about how this was a silly treat to eat these things for breakfast. But still. My mother's voice of guilt is pound pound pounding in my ears.

Big sigh. The hell?


jen said...

Cocoa Puffs do me in everytime!

Tuna Girl said...

Eh, forget about it. My friends have told me that I am no longer allowed to utter the following words: "I am the worst mother ever."

So I just think 'em to myself instead.

And there is something about having homemade cookies in the house. If they're there, I'll eat them for breakfast every time.

Abra Leah said...

Hey, everyone has to have those moments now and then. :)

Lotta said...

Thanks gals. Of course we all crashed to earth at about 10am and I made some scrambled eggs. We walked to the park to try and burn off some sugar too.

Lotta said...

PS - I was in line the other day and a young boy asked his mom for a Pepsi. She reluctantly said yes and then looked at me to see if I was judging her. (You know what I mean.)

Of course I judge no mom (sorta)so I quickly said "Don't worry he'll burn it off running around the park". Of course I meant the sugar but she sort of looked miffed. I think she took my comment as a statement about her kids chub.

chicaloungin said...

Isn't it weird that when you were posting about Cocoa Puffs, I was posting about Count Chocula. Isn't he the demon of Cocoa Puffs?

Yes, we should be adopted sisters.

And we will have no teeth by age 80.

Viva SUGAR!!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I eat those little chocolate donut gems after I have my whats the diff between eating choc. chip cookies or those? Praytell, donuts are marketed as breakfast food, right?
My husband just doesnt understand how I can go through an entire box of those "gems" in like...uhhhh...two days.
Good for you on the weight loss! Myself, I am the poster child for Weight Watchers as the FAILURE, but I seemed to have encouraged my sis-in-law to do an amazing job of thoroughly sticking with it and she looks terrific!
Now that I think of it, thats kinda depressing, isnt it? Bring on the chocolate!