Spam Cartoons

Jen's post about odd Spam email titles at Mommy Needs a Martini reminded me that I had bookmarked this funny cartoon site I wanted to share. Spamusement! "Poorly drawn cartoons inspired by actual Spam subject lines". Some of them are worth a chuckle if you like ironic toons, and I do.

But Natalie Dee is still the Queen of snark and today's drawing was (snort) too funny!


wendy boucher said...

I love cartoon. I really do. Just not those boring ones in the newspaper.

Lisa Goldstein/Kelly Kelly said...

I am glad humor can rescue any situation, even spamming. blech! cute cartoon, and good advice as well.


Lotta said...

Wendy - I'm a closet For Better or For Worse fan. But otherwise it's strictly comix and funny web drawings for me.

Lisa - glad you liked the advice. We can all use some dial from time to time.

jen said...

LOL!!!! I want that...really.