Tough Guys and Understanding Women

Son: Mommy, what do I look like?

Me: You look like a cool guy awesome super hero cowboy fire fighter.

Son: (Looks puffed up and proud) But do I look tough?

Me: Oh yea, really tough. Like big guy tough.

Son: I'm bigger than Marjorie (in police costume).

Marjorie: (Just raises her eyebrow and looks at me).

Me: Um, no but maybe someday.

Son: No, I'm bigger!

Marjorie: (Gives me a look that says, "ok, humor him")

Me: Oh yea I didn't see it at first but you are HUGE!

Son: (Struts out of the room)


misha said...

sigh. it's only just begun for her.

chicaloungin said...

right on misha... the ol' raising the eyebrow at the tough guys.

lotta, tell your son I'd trust him to save my cats in a fire any old day! tooooo cute!

jen said...

It starts soooo young!
The size thing...ya know? ;)

Anonymous said...

Both children look adorable, Lotta!

Lotta said...

Misha - I know. I know. At least she is amused by it.

Chica - That is so sweet! I bet you are the bestest Aunt.

Jen - Tell me about it. Though yesterday I was cleaning the tub and son said. "Mom your butt is huge. Like really really big huge." He was impressed. I was aghast.

Lucy - Thanks!!!

Lisa Goldstein/Kelly Kelly said...

How sweeeet that she let him have that moment. You are raisin em up right!


Lotta said...

Lisa - Wish I could take the credit. That's my friend/sister in law Carol's daughter. And yup - she's doing a kickass job!