On a rare whim I went to Blockbuster Video tonight. I haven't been there in years. We used to belong to Netflix. But budget cuts with baby #2 snipped that monthly $19.99 off the bill roster. Told husband I had a "coupon" (lie) and went out to rent a flick. I came home with Season I, Disc I of Weeds. I am so addicted to this show already and I've only watched 4 episodes. In a row.

Normally, I avoid anything that smacks of death and loss involving children or husbands. I'm just too worst case scenario. I'm the peeping Tom of memoirs but I'll never crack the spine on The Year of Magical Thinking by Joan Didion. As it is, I start counting grains of rice if husband is late from work and doesn't call. Don't even get me started on hearing kid's stories on the news. If I see the sweet photograph of a child spring up over the shoulder of a newsanchor I'm pulling the kids in bed with me that night. I'll sleep with a wee foot up my ass, but my heartbeat won't resemble a hummingbird's wings.

So I rented Weeds thinking it was just a series about a mom selling pot in the burbs. Turns out the mom is barely holding it together as a recent widow and has two amazing and sad boys to care for. I was instantly hooked by the witty dialogue, the sexual tension and the amazing acting. Before I knew what hit me I was sobbing as Nancy watched a video of her deceased husband making love with her. Beautiful stuff. And the neighbor Celia, don't get me started. She's hateful, awesome and mesmerizing. She and Nancy bounce off each other beautifully.

I almost rented Season 2 of The L Word. A friend reccomended Season 1 (And no, not one of my gay friends. We straight gals can appreciate a great series even if we don't, well you know) and it was riveting. But I wanted something with a little more humor and a little less angst. I was warned Weeds was black comedy but since the Cohen brother's are my favorite directors and Fargo my top film I figured I could take a little dark comedy. Took it. Loved it.

Rented it? Watcha think?


jen said...

You should crack the spine on Joan Didion's book. I did...and I didn't put it down until I was finished. It made me realize I was not alone in the madness of grief...

Lisa Goldstein/Kelly Kelly said...

looooooove the show weeds. have you ever
seen lucky louie on HBO?


Lotta said...

Renting it next!

Anonymous said...

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