Deer Suicide

Neighbor Boy's Mom: Johnny's car is in the shop.

Me: What happened!

NBM: Oh, I guess a deer ran into the side of his car! Do you believe it!

Me: (to myself, "no, no I don't.")

Me: (aloud) Wow, that's really um rare.

Per past entries, you may know that Neighbor Boy has told his mom some real interesting stories. Stories like, "Mom I need to get some pot-cleanser cause I was at this party and the girl next to me was getting stoned even though I told her to cut it out and so I need you to buy me this herbal stuff to clean me out before they do the drug test at work on Monday. Kay Mom. Kay."

I think I'm gonna need another night out at Brixies with the girls so I can find out about this (making quote signs with my hands) deer (unquote) that kissed this cruel world goodbye by hurling himself at the side of Johnny's car. Somebody's got to call this young man out on to the carpet cause Mom's buying his stories hook line and sinker. Stinker.


lildb said...

har! that's awesome.

I mean, it's really sad about the deer "suicide."


Anonymous said...
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Lotta said...