Gross Candy V: Adult Candy

I think I'll just keep this Gross Candy installation going till Halloween.

Once again, Candy Addict has the best of the worst candies out there. I give you...the candy condom. From what I can glean, it does unroll. Herck. And the "Stop The Aids" note on the box is just the Halloween message to give the kids on your block and confirm to the neighborhood that you are the weird liberal neighbor they always thought you were.

Toss in a few of these Pint Pots gummies shaped and flavored like pints of frothy beer and you just might get yourself an official complaint lodged with the village authorities.

Lastly, mix up the candy bowl with these Stoner Pops, hemp flavored lollies, and you 'll have all the teens on the block volunteering to babysit at your house so they can look for your stash.


Jenny said...

Am I the only person who's grossed out by the taste of pot? Why would anyone want a hemp flavored lollipop?

But the candy condoms are awesome. I want to see a whole kids cartoon with that guitar-carrying rubber.

Stop the aids!

Candy Guy said...

Hey - your link to the pint pots actually links to the stoner pops. I think you meant to link here:


Lotta said...

Jenny - Stop the Aids!

Brian - thanks!! I fixed the link and I also ammended Gross Candy II: Lick this to show that folks could check out a review at your pad.

Candy Guy said...


wendy boucher said...

Ewwww. I don't even like candy korn.