I Walk The Line

This song goes out to all those stay at home moms walking the $ line with me. Cause it's a fine white trash line that we walk when on a single income with kids.

I had my white trash moment at Aldi this past Friday. (The location kind of lends itself to these moments I must say.) Daughter was pitching everything I put into the cart out on to the floor. Son was spinning in circles and talking to himself while ricocheting off of other carts. I was determined to get the grocery shopping done cause it was payday and fridge was B.A.R.E. Doing so without a sitter, well cause that costs dough.

When we finally finished and I was packing up my own groceries I had to set my daughter down on the floor for a moment. I turned around for half a second (I swear) and then turned back to pick her up and she was high tailing it towards the automatic doors and just about into the parking lot. I ran after her at full speed and was yelling "Get her, Get her!" to, I don't know - anyone! I got her of course, it was just the adrenaline of the entire shopping fiasco that caused me to scream out what likely sounded like "Git 'er, Git 'er!" while my fat ass ran out the door abandoning a cart of groceries. Sigh. Here's to you ladies. (Tipping back my Schlitz).


Lisa Goldstein/Kelly Kelly said...

Very funny. Glad you got her in time. That is so scary when they run off like that.


Robin said...

I recently posted that I'm one can of Schlitz away from the trailer park.

My kid, wearing nothing but a diaper, eating a drippy popsicle for breakfast, is transfixed by the video. She's one can of Schlitz away from the trailer park, too.

When you think about it, if you're going to have a white trash moment, it's best to have it at Aldi's. They tend to frown upon those outbursts at, say, Whole Foods.

Lotta said...

Robin - too true. Though the same corporation owns Aldi, Whole Foods and Trader Joes. It's got the lower, upper and middle class all sewn up!

Save the Schlitz for your daughter till she's at least 10! ;)

Lotta said...

Lisa - Thanks! Funny in retrospect for sure.

jen said...

I have been there...done that and almost checked myself into the sanitarioum afterwards.
Oh wait..they don't have those any more for "tired" women? WTF?
We need them now more then ever!!! Thank god you caught her...and didn't fall on your ass whilst chasing her! I did that at a craft store...HELLLOOOOOOOO...

chicaloungin said...

Lotta, I am like that with my cats.

Which makes me, Crazy White Trash Cat Lady, I spose.

Mmmmm, cracking open a cold one.

My snobby cats only drink wine (from my fingers).

Lotta said...

Jen - Those craft store floors are darn slippery, I'm sure it was a conspiracy. If you find one of those sanitariums let me know I'm feeling like I could use it this week!

Chica - if you're gonna be crazy it's good to have a theme. That's what I live by.