According to the Belief-O-Matic the religion that most closely aligns with my beliefs is that of Reform Judaism. The next religion would be Bahá'í Faith and a third match would be the viewpoint of a Liberal Quaker.

This quiz was fascinating, I urge you to check it out. As the daughter of a Lutheran Minister I am ashamed to admit I am rather ignorant of the other faiths that are out there. Catholism was always the religion that forced my friends to skip the meat on Friday. The Bible Church gang loved you but still felt you were going to hell. And the Baptists had really rocking church music. That's about the sum total of what I knew growing up as a kid.

When I went to college my world opened up a crack more as I became the dreaded Liberal Arts major and learned about The Church of England, The Crusades and all that other bloody religious stuff that finds its way into English Literature. The first time I blew smoke through a tube with a bounce sheet rubberbanded to the end of it I talked about Buddhism with some dorm mates.

And as an adult I sit stunned as I watch news video of the religious training for children in the Middle East, and clips from the equally astounding Jesus Camp documentary. I'm convinced that Scientology is code for "The Assembly of Beards and their Partners". I adore listening to Garrison Keillor on NPR as he reminds of my dad and helps me to understand why it's mandatory to insert large random pauses in Lutheran storytelling. And when I visit bed and breakfasts I wonder if the Amish haven't gotten it all figured out as they seem so much more placid than the rest of us that are loaded down with cell phones, PDA's and anti-anxiety meds.

So, it's good to know there are more options out there. I think I'll see if I can remember how to make those little black construction paper Quaker hats the pilgrims wore. Maybe I can wear it as I get in line for my hot dish and jello mold at the next Lutheran basement church social. I know, I know I'm
Mashugeneh, but that's how I roll.


Lori said...

Awesome find!!! I have to say the top three it came up for me fit me to a tee (not a Target tee though :) )

Again, great blog! I have many LOL moments and read with my head bobbing in "yep".

Lotta said...

Thanks Lori. I'm not sure how I got signed up for emails but this was sent to me this morning.

Love, that you love the blog!

Jenny said...

Liberal too. Weird.

I thought for sure I'd be agnostic all the way. Either that or some cult. Because I kind of have a thing for them. (No joke.) I've never been in one but I could totally see myself in a life of working in the garden and not having to actually think for myself. Very seductive.