Once a year on your birthday just like we agreed

Sylvester Stallone's High Protein Pudding

Ok, so many inappropriate jokes are trying to work their way outta my brain they are fighting over who gets to go first.



Janet a.k.a. "Wonder Mom" said...

Where exactly did the 'protein puddin' spew from?...What if I spill it? Do you have something for "protein stains"?

Anonymous said...

It is nasty too. Of course, my husband, desperate for something yummy on his diet, thinks it is good but he is lying to himself.

Lotta said...

Anon - I can't blame him. I've turned to pork rinds more times than I care to admit when on Atkins.

W.M. - Ha!

shpprgrl said...

Yo. Adrian. Get me some pudding.

I am guilty of pork rind chomping too. So guilty. I knew when I starting liking this BBQ flavor I found, that it was time to kick the habit.

I also made myself sick on sugar free jello a couple years ago. It was ok, but the tub of fat free cool whip probably wasn't such a great idea. :)

Samantha said...

LMAO@protein pudding, can we say YUCK? sheesh!