I had no idea I could get such an ass whoop'n while lying down on the ground. Sweet Jesus Pilates is hard!

During the class I would get so psyched to have made it into position only to find out that it was time to do leg lifts, or ab pulls or something or other. I thought just getting all twisted up was the exercise!

The entire time I had this mantra in my head. "Please do not fart. Do not fart. Don't fart!" Of course I farted. I made it almost all of the way through class. Then we did these Yoga stretches (felt awesome!) and I totally tossed one backwards at the size 0 teenagers behind me.
Just when I thought I could do no more the class ended. Ended! "Wow, I can so do this! Maybe I should do a little jog on the treadmill now I've still got some energy in me!" I optimistically thought. By the time I was halfway home I could barely manage to push down on the gas pedal. I am jelly.

Whinging aside, I had a great time. I will be back for more as I am on a quest to start taking care of myself. Since I get bored easily I'm just gonna keep taking random classes. Though I am going to try and give Pilates another go, much to the delight of the teenagers I farted at I'm sure.

Tommorow I'm giving Aqua Core a try. It's 45 minutes of working out your "core" body in the water. This appeals to me because I will be launching myself towards the hot tub as soon as I finish the class. No doubt it will be a belly crawl across the tile till I can aim a jet at my rear end.


Janet a.k.a. "Wonder Mom" said...

I love pilates. I have had women in a class or two fart and it's even harder not to laugh then to do the workout.

Tammy said...

You go girl!

LMAO about the fart incident. I would've had the same mantra. UGH!

jen said...

LOVE Pilates. Rock abs baby...

Lisa Goldstein/Kelly Kelly said...

Oh god, even the word pilates makes my abs start to cry. No!!!!!!!!! I could barely sit or inhale after I took ONE class. Never again.

You go pilates girl!


Domestic Chicky said...

That's why I do my yoga/pilates at home...At home, no one can hear you toot...(LMAO-"Alien" reference, probably only funny in my own head)
At least in the water it's all covered up by the motion!

Kate said...

Ok - weird...I found your blog through someone else's blog through someone else's blog through someone else's blog (boy, these blogs are becoming like crack cocaine to me...)I had posted on my blog about Pilates just the other day...along with an infamous fart incident!

kate aka eastcoastgirlinthemidwest.blogspot.com