Playing Dress Up

So...what's up with the theme families?

I was watching Wife Swap tonight and once again they had a family that has based their life around playacting. Tonight it was Pirates, and the last time I tuned in it was Medieval family. I'm also pretty sure I saw an episode where there was a Fairie family as well.

Maybe I should declare a theme for our family?

From this day forward we shall homeschool our children and dress as the Elven do. When anyone asks if there are any special needs for my children I'll pipe up after the gluten-free, peanut allergy moms are done talking. "Yes, um you need to address my son as Master Twinkles and daughter as Maiden Moonbeam. And they only drink from these wee wooden cups and only after you tell them it's flower dew. Kay?"

Wadda ya think? What would your family theme be?


Tuna Girl said...

Our family's theme would be drag queens. ;-)

Southern Fried Mom said...

Damn! I missed Pirate Night?!?! I soooo loved the train wreck of the midieval show...I was so glad that I had tivo-ed it so I could stop & take it all in. I guess our theme might be hormonal, psychotic mom and oblivious, needy, mess-making dad and two boys...or maybe we'll save that one for Dr. Phil and just be the family that speaks only in pig latin...or maybe we'll decorate each room of our house to reflect a different team in the SEC, or maybe we'll be the clothing optional household, or my personal favorite--we'll be the family that eats nothing but chocolate for every meal of the day. Thanks for giving me something to strive for.

Lotta said...

Ha! I'm gonna go for white trash family. after the Elven thing gets old. I'll get a bouffant and we can Tyson fried chicken TV dinners for every meal.