When I breastfed our two children I watched endless hours of late night QVC. I was so bleary eyed I was only half aware of the Diamonique collection they were talking about. It was the hosts that gave comfort. So cheery, so pleased to be talking with me about how the rings sparkled in the light. It made me feel like I had some happy company with me at 2 am while the rest of the house slept.

No doubt it's because I "supplemented" that my children eventually slept through the night,their bellies full of Carnation Good Start, that I missed these hilarious outtakes.

(Found via Cynical-C Blog)


Jenny said...


"We may need emergency surgery in the studio"

I love that guy. Seriously.

PS. Today is Natl. Talk Like a Pirate Day. Argh, baby.

Anonymous said...
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Lotta said...

Jen - I love how the hosts of the ladder episode don't even jump towards the guy that got hurt.