Stay Tuned: Target Plus Sized Giveaway

For any of my lovely curvy readers I'm going to be reviewing a big box of goodies that an awesome Target fashion buyer sent my way after reading Ticked Off At Target. She was very generous, and I thought it would be fun to share some of the clothing with you all.

I'll likely get the review up on Saturday as son and husband are going to be "fixing stuff" at Grandpa's house. Little girl and I will be napping, blogging and stripping the grout in the bathroom to get out the dirty that's been driving me mad since we put in the trendy saffron tiles. I snuck off to Home Depot and bought stripper, sealer and gloves. Could be good. Could be a trip to the ER.

Pretty please respond to any Mom O Matic entry with a comment from this Friday to next Friday and I'll spring some goodies on random readers.
Please include:
  • Email: Fill this in when you are typing in the blogger comments box. I promise not to sell it to Target. Ok, this is a lie. But no one can see it but me and blogger, and whomever blogger is selling it to.
  • Your size: I have a variety of pretty plus sized items so let me know what your working these days. If you don't want to advertise your size just use a different handle than you usually do when you comment.
  • What you wish Target sold in your size: Cause I should throw them a bone for all the free clothing.


Jenny said...

I am so, so jealous and GOD do I love Target. Even after the Bratz Babies thing I still adore them.

My weight fluxuates a lot. I'm not in plus sizes right now but when I am I always want to strangle the person who fills all the plus-size racks with sleeveless stuff.

No one needs to see my arm cellulite, Target!

Anonymous said...

Just so you know, a couple weeks ago there was a "fit test" at Target for the plus size clothing, I'd like to think your blog had something to do with it, but alas, you weren't given credit on the surveys we filled out!

Cute stuff huh? Hopefully it'll hit the stores soon!

miles said...


size 22/24

i hate the oxfords too!

no 100% poly wtf?


ReneeinCalifornia said...

Oh god, I have such jealousy over your Target swag!

I am wearing a 16 nowadays (I say that like I've got a chance of becoming petite suddenly?) and I find very little wearable stuff in the Target plus size area. I roll my red cart down the long center isle passing all the adorable trendy stuff in juniors, then on pass the misses section with less trendy (and tummy baring) items but still very cute and fashionable and when I finally reach the plus section it's like all the trendy and cute got lost on the way. Horrible teflon oxfords? Tees made of limpy cheap fabric? Sleeveless? Wallpaper print flowers? Even the sweater sets stacks missed out. The subtle seasonal colors in jrs. and misses aren't found in Plus and I'm limited to bright crayola orange or green? Bleah.

I do find a much better selection with Target online but the sizes sell out fast so you have to be really quick!

Love your blog!

shpprgrl said...

I still love how Target just knocked on your door. I love Target but never have much luck with their sizing. I am one of those that REFUSES to buy something if it's bigger than the size I wanna be, even if it fits. I wear size 'whatever' every place I shop, so why not there? :)

Lotta said...

Thanks for commenting!!! I got you on my drawing list for the free goodies!

Robin said...

Got anything in their new 28/30 size? If so, and if you share them with me, I'll make a video of my size 28/30 ass doing a cartwheel from glee.

What do I wish Target carried? More of everything. Just ... more. The selection's so small.

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