Taking myself seriously for a moment

My Meme cherry has been popped by Tuna Girl who got me with this list of book questions.

A book that changed my life

The Complete Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales. When I was in preschool my mom and I would snuggle into a brown, faux leather bean bag while my baby sister napped. Every day she would read stories from this book to me. I remember it so vividly that I'm sure this is where my love of reading took hold.

A book I've read more than once

I only keep books I reread, the others get donated, recycled or passed on so this is a tough one. My favorite book to reread is A Girl Named Zippy. Funny, simple and ironic. Perfect.

A book I'd take to a desert island

Bible. I'm a minister's daughter but I've only read the bible in it's entirety in a comic book version. And it would come in handy as I slowly lost my mind.

A book that made me laugh

The Idiot Girls Action Adventure Club. God I love this book. She is one of my top favorite authors. So brazen and hilarious. She has this one story where a carmel apple (you know the big ass gourmet ones) gets stuck in her teeth while she's at the bank drive through. After grunting and drooling trying to get it out she notices a mother and son in a white van next to her staring open mouthed. I just die a little everytime I read that chapter it's so funny!

A book that made me cry

Maus. I adore graphic novels and this was my first. The comic style made an overwhelming topic into something so simple and awful.

A book I wish I had written

Frankly, just about any awesome memoir. I envy the abilty to look back at growing up with a sense of humor and kindness. And yet to still being able to talk about the damaging things we experience. I'm picking Naked just because it was the first book that showed me that this perspective on life was possible and got me hooked on memoirs forever.

A book that should never have been written

No such thing.

A book I'm currently reading

Yes Man. Danny Wallace creates what he calls "Stupid Boy Projects" but are really these fascinating social experiements. In Yes Man he agrees to say Yes to everything anyone asks him to do. He ends up traveling, joining a cult and meeting strange folk. I love his writing, I love the idea of saying yes more and I think he's smoking hot - check out the cover of the book. Yum. Nothing makes my knees go weak like smart, funny, sexy with a dash of nerd. Swoon.

A book I'm planning to read

I just bought Candy Girl: A Year in the Life of an Unlikely Stripper. I thought it looked fun and again a memoir. I love reading about other places and lives, I think it gives us empathy as human beings.

Five people to whom I'll send these questions:

Mama C-Ta because I like how she thinks and want to know what she reads. Besides, any woman brave enough to put a hand knit titty cap on her son's head is A-ok with me.

Jenny at Mama Drama because she should write a book and make even more people laugh with her take on life. Plus she describes her kid as "coked up monkey".

Jen at Mommy Needs a Martini because she is funny and smart but on my shit list for printing the Sister Christian lyrics which I now can't get outta my head! BFF Jen.

Chica Loungin, Jen's big sister and protector. Also, because I often can't understand what the hell she's writing about but like reading her anyway because she travels to Bali and has sex on the beach with hot foreign men. Plus she's really nice.

Hillary at Wee Wonderfuls because I worship her from afar. She does the sweetest, coolest crafty artsy stuff. But I don't know if she will actually do it since her site is more crafting less yacking.


Andie said...

I like this entry. I could only think of two or three answers for the questions. I'm too tired to come up with more today.

jen said...

I will have to ponder these whilst on vacation...mind.is.too.foggy this morning to write! :)

chicaloungin said...

Lotta: Armenian? Have not had such a lover yet... but figuratively speaking, it's cool ;-)

Lotta said...

Chica, so sorry. Changed it to "foreign" men. I think I mixed up Argentian and Armenian. Only having slept with midwestern boys myself the mistake is easily made.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Jenny said...


Graphic novels and David Sedaris?


Also, is there a place where I can make some nice extra cash secret shopping? Hee.

chicaloungin said...

Midwestern... ah, my broken heart. That "my ex-boyfriend is a rockstar"... Michigan. That's the midwest, right ;-)

Please check in for our dance rehearsals a la the first itube thingy I ever figured out how to post.

Bring pointy boots and hair product!

chicaloungin said...
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Lotta said...

Jenny, sister of my heart, when can you get to Chicago?

Chica - Michigan is midwestern to me but different from Illinois Midwest or Wisconsin Midwest. I'm too hungover to get into the culture comparisions but will soon.

Jenny said...

After the night I've had, up with a congested vomity Hailey?

I'll be there this afternoon.

Mama C-ta said...

Oh lady I'm honored. But hate to break it to you, I don't read. I mean I can read, I just can't read books. Too ADD, can't focus long enough to get through one to save my life. I read magazines with lots of photos and interesting topics like US weekly :)

Once upon a time I did read so I'll think on it and see if I can come up with anything. I know there are some I'd like to read!