Wee Online Book

The woman that I stalk, otherwise known as Hillary over at Wee Wonderfuls, came up with a brilliant idea for a children's book. She is publishing a Make-a-Long book (in installments) that consists of an adorable story created with photographs of her dolls. You can then purchase the patterns and make the cute little buggers yourself if you desire.

I've made Hillary's Kitty doll and I can vouch for the fact that the pattern was easy to follow. I'm just dragging my feet on finishing Kitty up because it has to be PERFECT before it's done. And since I don't do PERFECT very well, she's been sitting on my table like a voo doo kitty with pins holding her felt eyes in place for a couple of months now.

Check out the first installment!


valerie said...

those kitty dolls are adorable. i really like the pink one. :)

Lotta said...

The pink one is actually the only kitty. The others are a bear and a bunny - but also super cute! I'll post my kitty as soon as I get the guts to call 'er done.