Your Milk's In The Mail

Amazon is now selling milk! A bunch of awesome smartasses put some hilarious reviews up on the site. Check 'em out!

Sample Review:

The day I got this milk was a day I'll never forget. The UPS guy just hurled it out of his truck as he drove by. It smashed through my window and scared the [..] out of me, but it was the right choice, I think. It was like he was saying, "HEY! Wake up to the idea of this crazy MILK, man!" And boy was he right, if that is what he was saying.As it came through the window, it hit a table corner and burst open. I didn't even have to think--I dove right in, getting down on all fours and lapping up the gushing milk as it came flying out of the plastic remnants in great seizures of ecstatic goodness. It seemed like there was a lot of milk, and that it just kept coming, but that was probably just time slowing down. I also felt like I was being buffeted by some great force, but that turned out to be the neighborhood kids jostling me, as they too jockeyed for position, milk slamming into their eager faces. There really was a lot of milk, the more that I think about it. A really good bargain, even with the cost of delivery.
Found out about this via CityRag


Betsy Wasser said...

I'm totally in love with the milk reviewers.

Lotta said...

I understand.