Books, Popcorn and Love

Something about popcorn, a window seat and a book that make for a perfect chilly Fall afternoon.

Daughter figured out how to toss the pillows off the toy chest/window seat that we inherited from our neighbors and climb up. She has spent most of the afternoon looking at books, and munching popcorn. It blows my mind as I'm not used to seeing a one year old sit still for that long. I feel like she and I got a slow start bonding because of the dreaded postpartum blues. But the love affair is in full bloom now.


Janet a.k.a. "Wonder Mom" said...

Beautiful woman and well read.

Anonymous said...

She's soooo cute. I love babies!!

Lisa Goldstein/Kelly Kelly said...

oh, man. she has discovered the joys of life so young. very advanced stuff.


Anonymous said...

So sweet! I love her outfit.

Jenny said...

How do I miss all these posts? There are like 4 new ones here!

1. You kid is illegally adorable.

2. Sex is hot. Costumed sex is hotter.

3. Republicans are nuts. But so are democrats. Which is why I'm voting for Kinky.

Lotta said...

I was actually kinda pouting that no one had come on by the pad. So thanks!

Ordered up some costumes online

Republicans are repressed and so the nutter stuff is more odd (example: Senator Foley) It's like we always catch them with sheep. While the Democrats are kinky in a "normal" way. And yes I am generalizing, wanna arm wrestle over it?

Lotta said...

Lisa - I know. A reader! It doesn't get much beter.

Domestic - Well, thanks! I am proud of that outfit. The top is an EUC (Excellent Used Condition) Oilily top from Ebay and the bottom is a Kohls clearance item @1.99. Umm-mmm she is living out my no body fat fashion fantasies!