Cruising TJ Maxx on a Sunday Afternoon

Me: (Holding up package of men's underwear) These are really cute. You should get these.

Husband: (Looking) Whaaat. No way, those are tight and come down to my knees. They look like what I wore when I played baseball. Yea, I wore those in baseball under my uniform to protect my ass when I slid into home plate.

Me: Um, you should get them.

Husband: No, they are BASEBALL underpants.

Me: (Stare)

Husband: (Blink)

Me: (Staring with wider eyes)

Husband: Oooooooh. (Putting them in the cart)


Janet a.k.a. "Wonder Mom" said...


Betsy Wasser said...

Heh. He was a bit slow, but he got it.

Marmite Breath (Nat) said...

Why don't they get that WE know what is hot, and all they have to do is wear it, not like it?

Lotta said...

Janet - Ummm.Mmmmm.

WonderMom - That's all that matters in the end.

Marmite - Lord knows when left to their own devices they bring home some strange ideas of what they thing we are turned on by. A pair of red slingshot undies for example. "Um, are those for me? Cause if you put those on I'll never be able to have sex with you again."