Dirty Hippie

No Smoking In The Skull Cave has some great stuff on her site. Right now she's featuring 30 days of Halloween costumes. Including, the hilarious "Dirty Hippy".

I laughed at the absurdity of this till I realized that my sister and I dressed up as "Bums" all the time for Halloween. Or the vintage homeless version - Gypsy Woman.

What would that be like now? Going door to door dressed as a homeless person trick or treating. Decked out with a miniature copies of Streetwise (local homeless newspaper) stacked on your arm, dirt smudges on your face and a cracked mug filled with change. Yikes, makes me cringe.

SkullCave also has a Buck Roger's Twiki Robot costume! For those of you who don't recall who Buck is let me refresh your memory with this beefcake poster I'm sure I had posted on my bedroom door.

Ummm-mmmm, stuff of your faan-ta-seees. That's right sister, sci-fi television was the bomb in the late 70's. This is coming from the girl who played Battlestar Galactica every recess in the third grade. And was willing to stand down any chick who would try to usurp my role as Cassiopeia.

And SkullCave goes on to ask who would want to dress up like Shaun Cassidy. Um, no one. You don't wear it silly. You stuff it with your pillow and practice kissing him.

Like, duh!


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Becca said...

I finally understand the purpose of the Shaun Cassidy costume. Oh and the idea of today's kids dressed as the homeless with mini copies of Streetwise is hilarious. LOL!!!

Samantha said...

OMG I missed being online and visiting here! You are SO funny! Well, I'm back now :)

Katie J said...

Oh yeah, Shaun, your kisses are dreamy. That's what was missing from my pillow when I was 11.

Janet a.k.a. "Wonder Mom" said...

Why does that Buck Rogers picture remind me of Ron Burgundy...Anchorman?

I would have totally stuffed that Shaun Cassidy costume and practiced kissing it...just like I did with his pictures in Teen Beat.

Jenny said...

The eyeless Shaun Cassidy is creep.

But Buck in gold lame? You are my sunshine.

Lotta said...

Becca - so glad you're local so you get the Streetwise imagery!

Samantha - welcome back we missed you!

Katie - You know it. I had a shiny baseball jacket with his picture on the back. Ummm-mmmm.

Janet - You would have had to fight me for those kissing rights! Lotta and Shaun TLA!

Jenny - happy to make your day!