Gross Candy VII: Foreign Candy

Strange stuff that the fur'ners eat.

No wonder the Swiss are so darn happy! Acid Drops kids?

Candy Addict found some delish Japanese candy that looks like pieces of your colon, it's also aptly named Collon!


Are you looking at my Asse? Don't be looking at my Asse. Or I'll get Japanese on your Asse!

Oh so pretty, such a shiny foil wrapper. May I have one? Tuna you say? More like Asian delight!

Bad Candy actually taste tested this odd one from Mexico. It sounds like something I would ask my son. "Did you wipe after you went Chaca Chaca today sweetie?"


Tuna Girl said...

Ah! tasty tuna tidbit is going to be my new name for, you know...down there. ;-)

Janet a.k.a. "Wonder Mom" said...

Yum. Colon. Wanna bite?