I need $168.88

...because I need to buy this doll with Buy It Now on Ebay.

I know nothing about doll collecting, or how important a "Rare Rare Sutton Googly Eyes" doll is. I just know one thing. She has captured my spirit and I must have her. The crazy eyed expression is a mirror image of me during my moments of mother insanity.

Today for instance.

Is daughter playing with son's poop in the toilet? Is she? Sonofabitch she is!!!

Son, God knows when you lie and he weeps for you.

Mommy's just going to sit on the floor for awhile here and, um "rest".

Don't touch me!


chicaloungin said...


Dolls SCARE me! I'm going to need sleeping pills tonight after this one! Why? Why is this doll chasing me with her upside-down harsh eyebrows? I am checking into the looney bin now, so if you don't hear from me, know it's because of you and YOUR DOLL!

Janet a.k.a. "Wonder Mom" said...

I am cracking up here...that doll is frightening.

Lori said...

Joan Crawford eyebrows!!!!

Is she holding her breath till she turns blue?

Wow - that is one strange, yet oddly unique looking doll!

Lotta said...

Chica - didn't mean to scare you. Just put on your pretty eyemask and think about teddy bears.

Janet - isn't it though?

Lori - They ARE Crawford eyebrows! I didn't see that!

jen said...

OK...that doll is EVELLLLL! I must now go change my undies cuz I think I pooped my pants in fear!

Jenny said...

She didn't capture your spirit. I think she may have devoured your soul.

But she is awesome in a soul-eating, frigid sort of way.

Natalie said...

Me scared. Me no likey. Me need drink.

shpprgrl said...

She is tweety bird's wayward cousin with an intense wedgie.



Lotta said...

She is fabulously evil looking.