Morn'n TV

Elizabeth Hasselbeck is not rep'n the conservatives well. In each of these debates on The View her teen like hysteria overwhelms any points she might make. If Meredith V. were there she would have been the calming parental influence, but Rosie just inflames her angst. It actually makes for some bad TV. Though I tend to lean toward the liberal in my viewpoints, I do try to remain open to listening to the debate. And Elizabeth makes me want to put my fingers in my ears and say "lalalalalalalalalalala".

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Check out this older clip from August. Girl is aging badly. Stressrexia?

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jen said...

Rosie is sending her over the edge...and it's FANtastic. That girl has the brain of a walnut...

Lotta said...

I know. I know. Though it's almost sadistic. The three older savvy women are acting out their highschool revenge fantasies on the dumb Republican cheerleader.