Oh yeah I bought that!

This is my latest ebay purchase. A potty/ice bucket for the low low price of $9.99.

The inside looks kind of "used" and that concerns me. But since this is going to get wrapped up and left under the Christmas tree for one of the kid's uncles I'm not gonna sweat it too hard.


Girl con Queso said...

Hilarious! Who thinks of this stuff?

Samantha said...

ROFL! I am SO glad that I'm not the Uncle in question!!!!! That is too funny!

Jenny said...

That is awesome.

I once gave my dad a coin purse made out of a dead frogs head. Hard to top that but I think you just did it.

But are those stink lines coming off the ice on the box?

udandi said...

oh wow, a gift that is sure to delight this holdiay season! Congrats on a terrific find!