Target does it up just fine

That's right. Ummm-mmmmm.
I look gooood in my big buttoned Target coat.

Note the retro rounded collar. The indented waist (thank you Target buyers). The tushy covering length. And if you could see the subtle vintage style lining you would snatch it off my sexy back.

Move your big and fine asses to Target my fellow womanly wides. They have some sweet fall coats out right now. They run quite small though. I went 2 sizes up for this one. So if you are not a sexy supersize but more of an XL - you can snatch one up too. But you might have to take out a few of us XXL's to get to one cause the boutique look doesn't come round to our side of the store very often.

PS - I slipped in amongst the goth teens at Torrid today and I'll tell you why. I'm not a fan of chokers. I think they look lovely, but I can't abide any type of turtleneck or neck embracing jewelry. Makes me claw at myself like an escapee from the asylum. But Torrid makes those cool big chunky bead semi-chokers in subtle colors. So you can work the choker and tee shirt look but loosen it a bit.

They also have some very nice scarf headbands that make my Tar-jay tee look like I gave a rat's ass when I wear it out. But note to Torrid. I realize that the Number 1 fat girl tip is to wear v-necks to draw attention to our pretty faces. But really, the cleavage you have got going on with your models is a bit much. Any further and you will just have us whipping out our titties to distract people from the size of our hips. (Reaching inside neckline) "Grandma are you looking at my butt again?" "NO! Really, I'm not. Have you lost weight darling?"

So go forth. Shop. But don't forget to bury the receipts under the applesauce in the garbage can like I do.


Domestic Chicky said...

Sooo cute!

Janet a.k.a. "Wonder Mom" said...

I live at Tar-jay...My husband says I need to find a new hobby and stop going there when I'm bored.

Marmite Breath said...

That jacket is AWESOME!

Jenny said...

I love the coat!!!

Would you be offended if I bought one too?

Kristi said...

I hide mine under the yogurt cups.

jen said...

Target is EVELLLL! I go in there to get ONE thing...and come out with 50 things I don't need...I LOVE IT!!! :)
As for receipts...we have a shredder...heee heee heee

Crunchy Carpets said...

I wish we had target.

Visa, the bastards, upped my limit and while I have no way of paying off what I already is killing me.

I neeeeeeeeed a shopping spree.

Lotta said...

Domestic - Thanks!

Janet - Target isn't a hobby?

Marmite - (jumping up for my high five!)

Jenny - If you wore that coat you would look like secret agent man it would be so big on you!

Kristi - Got to remember that one!

Jen - Shredder. Mmmm.

Crunch - Hold fast! Don't do it!

Andie said...

that is one of the cutest little jackets.

I must have one. I wonder if it comes in pink?

Lotta said...

Andie - why yes. I think it did. Pink, brown, green, navy and maybe blue?

Samantha said...

I love that coat! I think I'd like one in pink and one in brown. I bet it goes great with jeans! *off to target!!*

Oh, The Joys said...

I totally almost bought it too, but I tripped over the buttons.

So cute, but I am too uncoordinated to handle such coolness apparently.