Ivory Deluxe

I'm having some trouble getting things done today. I can't stop smelling the back of my hand. And I do so love good smells. (Deep inhale) God that's good.

I was at Target last night BY MYSELF. You all know how that is. (An aside; Target I realize the liability insurance would be sky high but if Ikea can pull it off so you can you. Get thee a nursery. If mom's could toss the kids into a 35 minute playland while they cruised your aisles we would buy so much more.)

But I digress. I brought home the Luxe White Jasmine shower gel, lotion and spray. Good lord. I could barely make it out of the shower I was in such ecstasy. You know why? Cause this stuff smells like Ivory Soap! Ummm-hmmmm. An upgraded Ivory Soap. Swoon.

I was wearing Lulu Guiness's Cast a Spell because it had notes of Liquid Dial. Not the clean and perfect whiff of a freshly unwrapped dial bar (shiver). But the pungent TANG that you get when you deeply sniff at the cap of a jumbo bottle of liquid dial. Aaaah. So good. But so expensive. I am happy to find a soapecstasy scent that I can use more liberally.

So thank you Target. Now if you could just come over and hose me down, I might be able to make it out of the house this afternoon. Sniff. Ah.


Tuna Girl said...

A friend of mine from Ohio was absolutely incredulous that our grocery stores here don't have child care. I had never even heard of such a thing!

Besides, my kids love Target more than I do.

Oh, The Joys said...

Did I mention I worship at the Church of Target nearly every Sunday morning?

Gretchen said...

Target? Alone? Wow.

If I end up taking one, two or all three of them - they get a cookie from the bakery. Keeps little mouths shut for at least 20 minutes.

Love the white jasmine stuff.

Lotta said...

Tuna - your friend needs to lead the rally! Be the Norma Rae of moms who need 30 minutes to buy a frappacino and some candles.

OTJ - Me too, which demonination. Super or regular Target?

G - Will stuff anything in their mouths if they are with me too.

shoppergirl said...

Target solo...oh what joy! Congratuations! (and I'm a little bit jealous too!)