Right back at ya Google

As I get more and more text on my blog I turn up in more and more google search results. Looking at the google keywords people type in to find me is amusing. Even more so is the idea that even though they were looking for "Mom peeing" they still took time from their exhaustive search to click on the non-relevant Mom O Matic link. And sometimes they actually stay awhile!

Here are a few favorites just from today.
  1. Curvy Broads with Nice Racks
  2. Naughty Mom (5 variations on this search today)
  3. Wonder Woman Pajamas
  4. Peeing stories
  5. Kitchen Porn
  6. Wet Nighty Pics
  7. Smell Moms Panties
  8. Crafts to make your mom laugh so hard (my favorite)
  9. Honeydew is the money melon
Thanks for stopping by googlers. Honeydew will ALWAYS be the money melon baby. Now go wash the dirty out of your mind. Smell Mom's Panties indeed!


Kelly O said...

My favorite from my blog: "woke with excruciating pain," followed closely by "OCD and PMS." Heh. And, aw.

Janet a.k.a. "Wonder Mom" said...

They all kinda fit you in some strange way. No?

Christine said...

I get "Adult Diaper + images" and "the puffiest nipples ever" (which I guess is an adult film).

I agree, Lotta, your #8 is the funny one. It sounds like it was written by a kid. Indeed!

PamKittyMorning said...

I never get anything like this. I feel a little dissapointed. I get "Pam Kitty Morning", Pamkittymorning" and Kaari Meng from a post I did on her upcoming book. That's it. I'm living a dull and boring, life I guess.

Lotta said...

So jealous I didn't get "puffies nipples ever" as a google search. Google is hilarious because we are all one step away from googling "where are the car keys?". So the conversational queries crack me up.

PamKitty. Just put Boobs, Naughty, Mom and you will be getting visitors aplenty!

Red Rollerskate said...

Ok, um, er, uh...
How do you do this? I mean, how do you know which phrases people use to google you?
Will you be so kind as to tell me in my comments?
:) Thanks!