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Sweet, Southern, Spirited tagged me with this meme. What, like you all don't know enough? All I am is a big list of oddities! It will be hard to choose so I'm just gonna go all freestyle and shit and not edit this list.
  1. I crave Diet Dr. Pepper like it comes from a mother's teat. No day is complete without that fizzy goodness.
  2. Since being pregnant twice I'm having a real hard time dropping my waistband down. It feels so good and comfy up under my boobies. Since I can't get away with this in public I'm usually walking around the house with my pajama pants pulled up under my tits. Husband just loves it! Gets him all hot.
  3. Sometimes I really want to smack my children upside the head but I've found a good cover for that wicked emotion is to tickle them. There are days when gritted teeth and laughter abound in this house.
  4. My tennis shoes must be perfectly tight. I will stop short to adjust at any given moment. So be warned if you are walking behind me that this Wide Load makes Sudden Stops.
  5. I magically get a Southern accent when I start drinking. Perhaps, I'm channeling my dead Southern ancestors. (My biological father's family owned a trailer park sales lot. No lie!) Perhaps, I'm just a lunatic. Y'all!
  6. Husband tells me that when I get frustrated my nostrils flare. I then start to rub my nose in a circular motion with my palm open and fingers together. Like a demented kitten.
  7. I have a hearing loss and when I'm tired of working so hard to listen I'll just stop. This means people will often insist that they have told me things that I completely deny ever occurred. I will also agree to whatever you're saying even though I can't hear a damn thing. This morning, my son was insisting that I agreed bad guys in jail eat moldy macaroni and cheese. He was so thrilled he had figured this out on his own and I had confirmed it. So I was forced to make up a story about how the prison wardens go from house to house looking for moldy Kraft to take back to the prisoners.
That's it man.

I'm supposed to tag 6 people. This sets me up for rejection since if you don't do the meme I will be convinced it is because you need some space from me and that we aren't best friends forevah anymore. So I'm just putting out an open tag. Let me know if you do it and I'll link to ya!


PamKittyMorning said...

OH Lotta.. why won't blogger let me comment? This is my last try blogger.

I'm not doing the meme but we're still best friends, right?

Butterfly in Disguise said...

OMG...the laughing. Hubby thinks I'm a moron. He just doesn't get this bloggin thang.

Andie said...

that was awesome! you crack me up!!!

Paige said...

You're too funny! I played along, so go take a peek when you get the chance.

Oh, The Joys said...

#2. Been there, sister. OH, yes.