Fresh'n Up

I realized that I haven't posted anything new since The Future MILF's of The World post. It's because I have been updating the original post with all the awesome and no doubt hot ladies that are ready to get even hotter by joining the weekly weigh in gang.

I'm going to keep updating that original post till the first week in January then I'll put a Big Old Master List on the sidebar of the blog. I'll try to get some graphic buttons made up for our blogs. Do you all like Future MILF's? Or do you have another suggestion for the Weekly Weigh In Gang?

And I am so in need of Weight Watchers that I'm actually looking forward to the launch of us! It's mostly because I have come to realize that I sport not one but two large asses. One in front and one in back. And the one in front is catching up with the one in back.

Have you ever noticed that whenever a news show is doing a segment on obesity they show the same fat footage over and over again. The video of overly large people with front asses walking down the street appears over the newscasters shoulder the entire segment. The camera has cut off their heads and is focusing on their mid and back sections. And they are in droves like they're all headed to a grand opening of Cinnabon. It's kind of offensive (though I think I saw myself on the news tonight). I mean do they film a bunch of assholes when they do a segment on prostate exams? Cause the audience might not be able to figure out what one looks like unless you aim the camera directly at one while you narrate. Sheesh.


Anonymous said...

I think the camera is pointed that way some of the time?


butterfly girl said...

I took into consideratin the way they discuss obesity on the news. I got to thinking about it and I wondered if the people they do that to even know they are being filmed and shown sometimes all across the U.S. It is an embarrassment to both the person and the people that think they are doing them a favor by cutting their head off. It's sad really, good job pointing it out.

Kimberly Sherrod said...

I've noticed the same thing- I swear it looks like the same exact fat asses and bellys!!! I would like to weigh in with you chicks. I like the Name too! Future MILf!!

Heather said...

I like the name! It gives us something to aspire to be! I NEED inspiration!