I've come to realize that I am a selfish Holiday shopper.

I try to go out and find things for others and yet...I keep coming to discover things that I want to buy for ME.

Like pretty much everything at Kamibashi!

But most especially their string dolls. Drool.


Samantha said...

Those dolls are definetely interesting LOL

Janet a.k.a. "Wonder Mom" said...

Too cool.

They have a display in our mall. I stare at them often. A little creepy but interesting.

mommy605 said...

One continuous piece of string, eh? That's pretty cool. I like the mohawk too. But why does he have an earring in his cheek? Freaky.

Mommy off the Record

karrie said...

I really like the greeting cards. Fun!

Paige said...

Must...spend...money. Too...many...cute...things.

Steven Novak said...

What's wrong with finding things to buy for yourself?

I thought the holidays were about receiving? Or...do I have that backwards? ;)


Lisa Goldstein/Kelly Kelly said...

Cool string dolls. Get one for yourself. Go for it.


dianeinjapan said...

Yes, Kamibashi is cool. These little string fellows are popular right now here in Japanland. My daughter thinks they're cute and has tried to make a couple of her own to save yen--she hasn't figured out the one-continuous-string thing yet, though!