Um Quarto de Ideias

I've been longing for beach, sand and sun. If husband actually gets a Christmas bonus this year I'm willing to live with the bad stove a bit longer in order to spend the money on a cheap Apple Vacation to Mexico. But now I really want to go to Portugual! If for nothing else then to shop at Um quarto de ideias. (Ok that's a lie but I would go there if I was lucky enough to get a trip.)

Look at the trees they painted as backdrop for the shelves. So lovely!


Oh, The Joys said...

I wanna go!

Samantha said...

I would sooooooo visit that shop!

sara aires said...

Oh, Lotta, thank you so much for these compliments! Everyone is more than welcome at our shop. I say our, because I'm just one of the 4 colaborators. The others are The White Cranes
and Ampola (whose site is temporarily not available).
I relly enjoyed your post on Oprah's show the other day. I watch it sometimes, and I feel the same as you, it just too partial. And sometimes I get the feeling that everything is just about the worry of showing to the world that "we are not racist, racism no!"
Maybe, instead of always refer race, colour, and any other discrimination, people should just live life regardless those issues, so they wouldn't exist at all. I hope I made myself clear, I don't say ignore the problem, just solve it by accepting people as they are.

Thank you again, and wow! I really like to read your lines!

big hug

sara aires

Janet a.k.a. "Wonder Mom" said...

You'd have to drag me outta there to leave. That looks so cool.

I hope you go!