Big Wheels Keep On Turn'n

Crabcake's Big Wheel entry will send you straight to hella for laughing so hard. Which is why you should read it immediately! This song's for you Crabcake.


crabcake said...

Thanks Lotta! It's not every day you get to punch yourself in the face.

Ms. Thing said...

Oh. My. God. Hilarious!!!

Future MILF Hopeful said...

Hey Lotta

I checked out your kids aloud site - I love the messages. Good luck on the free-lancing, it must be really good being out there again, especially knowing that the kids are happy!!!1

You're definitely right about the being aware of what I'm eating - its definitely a great start and is putting me in the correct mindset - its also great having you guys around. So much better than trying to go it 'alone'. Was off for the weekend, but this week has been a lot better already.

Good luck and thanks again.

Lotta said...

Future MILF - I'm off one day and on the next. But I think life is like that. If I wait till I'm able to the eating thing "perfectly" then it will never happen. Just try to keep min. damage snacks around so if you go off it's not too bad. And we are THRILLED to have you. It is so nice to do this knowing all the good karma and support that's out there. They say you lose more weight with a friend. We're up to almost 50 MILF friends!

And freelancing is lovely. Ideally, I would be paid to stay home but that ain't happening!

Thailand Gal said...

Ver funny... Haven't heard that song in a million years! Did Tina Turner ever really look like that? LOL