I saw Dreamgirls this afternoon with my mom and I have a few thoughts.

First thought. Motherf'ing Raisinets! You will be my undoing! Right before popping one in my mouth my head would scream. No you aren't putting that Raisinet in your mouth! (pop) Oh no you didn't! (pop) It's nothing but salads for you tomorrow girl. (pop) What (pop) the (pop) hell! (pop)

Second thought. Yes, Jennifer Hudson kicked butt. She was magnificent. And her voice, ufta, she is easily this generation's Etta James. But I do think that Beyonce and Anika Rose did an amazing job as well. As far as I'm concerned this was an ensemble cast. Beyonce must have gotten the lead actress status because of her name. Which I understand, they had to get the picture out and if that's what it took then that's what it took. The problem is that Jennifer Hudson is so clearly NOT a supporting actress in the movie that it's pretty obvious the billing was to sell tickets.

Again, I think Beyonce was awesome. She acted best when she sang versus speaking parts. I absolutely believed she was in the 50's, 60's and 70's because her body language and expressions totally morphed with the era. Usually when I see Beyonce I'm distracted from her beauty by the costumes and funky dance moves those crazy kids are doing nowadays. But she is breathtaking in this movie, even with those wonky homegrown brows.

The men blew me away too. I will never think of Party All The Time Eddie Murphy the same way again. I must warn you I am quite biased since I'm a sucker for a music bio movie.
Walk The Line, Coal Miner's Daughter and Sweet Dreams are some of my favorites of all time. Especially Sweet Dreams, namely because I adore Patsy Cline but also because nobody plays a pretty drunk like Jessica Lange. Oh, and Oh Brother Where Art Thou. I played that soundtrack every day straight for a year. Dreamgirls will definitely be added to this list of favorites.

Last thought.
I love that Jennifer Hudson was a sexy as hell curvy black woman. The sisters have always seemed to realize that curves are hot and don't need to be hidden. All of us crackers need to pull up a stool and take notes. Last week I was in Avenue buying some work pants and watched two plus sized black women trying on clothes. Compliments like, "You look hot girl" and "Mmmm. Mm." flew back and forth. I can guar-an-tee you that if you eavesdropped on two of us white girls at a Lane Bryant the compliments would be more like, "Oh, that makes your butt disappear!" and "That really hides your arm fat well." Don't get me wrong, I am on a quest to downsize my caboose. But I'm going to try and take counsel from the sisters who have figured out that bigger can still be hot as hella.


Nat said...

Chocolate covered peanuts do it to me. I am powerless in their presence.

Holy cow! That clip was amazing. I think that Beyonce is a talentless hack, myself. Okay, maybe not talentless, but certainly not worthy of all the praise she gets. Her music is boring and sure, she's pretty, but she is not all that. Add to that the creep factor I usually get from people who are managed by their parents, and there we have why I think Beyonce is not worthy.

Jennifer Hudson can SING! She has talent! And yes, the girl has curves and she looks awesome!!!!

Thailand Gal said...

Agree with you completely. Jennifer Hudson has a great voice and she actually looks like a real woman. Beyonce looks like a mannequin. I'm also not overly impressed with how she influences kids.

Anyway, yes, we do need to take a lesson from the black women. :)



Lacy said...

I love your last paragraph. I will also take some counsel from the sisters. At least until I get off the rest of this weight. = )

Raisinets are my weakness as well.

Mama Drama Jenny said...

At least the raisin part was healthy, right?

Or do you need me to berate you so you won't do it again? BAD LOTTA! Go work out an extra 30 minutes as penance.

PS. My weigh-in is up. And it rhymes. And is in alphabetical order.

Hell yes.

ME (who else?) said...

Raisinettes used to be one of my favorite candies. Until I started trying to lose weight and looked at the calorie count. Raisinettes - the name *sounds* so innocent.

And, yes, Sistas usually have some kick-@ss self-esteem going on when they try on clothes. We white girls really need to follow their act.

Queen of the Mayhem said...

I had a similar argument with the "Evil Miss Salty" today! She was force-feeding Taco Bell nachos into my throat. I was powerful to stop her! Man, I hate that beyotch! Tomorrow is another day!

I have been wanting to see this movie. I am a sucker for a musical.

Wendy said...

I love, love Coal Miner's Daughter (the best part is when she is on the radio and saying horny over and over)and Sweet Dreams. Off to add some movies to Netflix.

yerdoingitwrong said...

I'm the same way at a movie, but with popcorn. And the calorie count on one of those gianorous buckets (that I can polish off by myself thank you) is scary so I just ignore it and chow down. Not good. But, it's an addiction of mine and it's part of the whole movie experience so what can ya do?!!!

I want to see dreamgirls!

nikki said...

I am powerless against the brownies my husband made. Damn that man. Avenue sells the best boots. They are the only ones that fit over my mammoth calves.

Now I really want to go see Dreamgirls!

Lotta said...

Nat - I'm with you on the creepy parent factor. Though I wish Britney's parents would get a little more creepy hands on cause the girl is falling apart. Chocolate peanuts. Yummmmy.

Thailand - Peace right back at ya!

Lacy - The sisters got it going on.

Mama Drama - I got so caught up in your car story I forgot to look for your weigh in. I'll go back and check it out! Also, found out the day after the Raisinet incident that it was TOM, Aunt Flo came knock'n so I'm blaming the snarf on her.

Me - I know, should've have smuggled in a peppermint patty or 2 pts pack.

Queeny - My family had Nachos this weekend but I was armed with a diaper bag full of snacks. So I at my apple and glared at them in their fake cheese glory.

Wendy - Since this post I can't "git" that song out of my mind. Not that I'm complaining.

Yer - I know. I need to smuggle in some fat free stuff and just make believe.

Pendullum said...

See.. I am so pathetic that I will not even try on clothing in a store...I have to take it home and in the comfort of my own home will I try on a piece of clothing...
I would absolutley die having a cheering session while trying on jeans...
My wedding dress was the last time I ventured into letting someone cheer me on in an outfit...

Paige said...

I saw this movie this weekend too. Was BLOWN AWAY by Jennifer Hudson. It will be criminal if she doesnt get an Oscar.

1girl2boys said...

How funny! True, but funny.

I can't wait to see that movie. But if I go to the theater, the popcorn and candy will definitely get me.

School Teacher said...

Love your curves girl!!!!!


All that I can say about Britney is that . . . . . well, the girl needs prayer. Nothing short of a miracle could help her.

Diana said...

Mmmmmm, Rasinets!

The hubster brought me home ice cream - my favorite; chocolate peanut butter cup ice cream AND magic shell topping. WTF, man?! Dammit. It sits in the freezer calling my name, bastard ice cream. I will not eat any (this is what I keep telling myself).

And, yes, the black woman confidence factor. They rock. I'm always commenting on it when we're out and about and the hubs just looks at me and rolls his eyes. The thing is? They ARE hot, and we could be too. It's all in the attitude (not that I'm running for that ice cream but still, I plan to stay curvy just smaller-curvy so that confidence will come in handy, I'm sure.)