Hot Numbers

Watching Deal or No Deal with the family and the models are descending the staircase in their cocktail dresses.

Son: (Staring)
Husband: (Staring)

Mommy: (Watching son and husband)

Son: Mommy, don't you think they are pretty?

Mommy: Why, yes. They are pretty.
Husband: (Widens eyes and smiles)
Son: I think so because their cases are so shiny and they have numbers on them. I like numbers a lot.
Mommy: Numbers are cool.
Son: Yea.

So cute! And much nicer than the "stop touching your butt dude" conversation we have been having constantly.


Lisa Goldstein/Kelly Kelly said...

That is so funny/cute that he meant the shiny suitcases and the numbers when he said pretty.


ME (who else?) said...

You are raising one helluva son there. You go, girl!

Stephanie said...

Very, very cute!!

De-lurking today!

Old Round said...


QueenieBadd said...

Well, really, who DOESN'T like numbers?

Oh, The Joys said...

Shiny numbers! Yay for son!

nikki said...

Stop touching your butt conversations? We've been having the "Stop pickiing your nose" ones at our house. At what age do they move to butts?

Lotta said...

Pinworms? Oh my gosh! No! I didn't even think of that. Now I need to look at his poop right? Though since butt touching is coinciding with p'nis touching - I'm pretty sure it's about something other than pinworms.

Jenifer said...

I'm pretty sure when my husband chants "Oh yeah!" when the models descend the staircase that he is not speaking of a love of numbers or shiny cases!

HeatherinBeautifulBritishColumbia said...

Ha, so it's the shiny cases and numbers my husband must like so much!

Old Round said...

For pinworms don't look at the poop, look at the heinie after they've fallen asleep. Google away for the info. I only suggest that b/c by the time my kids were in preschool (prime pinworm time) I had stopped reading the child manual books that would have clued me into them. Years of ignorance, doctors visits til finally a new (woman) doc gave the'differential' diagnoses. Cured of teeth grinding and troubling vag troubles in one kid,and bed wetting in an other.